Astral Projection

With the help of the latest isochronics technology and the use of Acoustic Brainwave Activation, you will achive astral projection in a matter of minutes! Our products guide your mind to the relaxed state you need to be in when trying to astral project.

* No Extensive Practice Required
* Effects Usually Felt In Minutes
* Guaranteed Satisfaction


HypnoGuide Treatments®

* HypnoGuide treatments are much more advanced than ordinary hypnosis or meditation CD´s being offered today.

* HypnoGuide treatments are designed to help you come into contact with your inner potential.

* All HypnoGuide treatments includes three different tracks, total time: 62 minutes.


60 day money back guarantee

We will give you a massive 60-day, INSTANT money-back guarantee on all of our products. If you're not satisfied with our recordings, and want your money back for any reason, you can demand a refund in the first 60 days and get your money back. Simply e-mail the order receipt and we'll refund all your money.

Altered States of Consciousness

Acoustic Brainwave Activation
Real altered states of consciousness - Absolutely guaranteed!

Acoustic Brainwave


Release the power of your
subconscious mind!

Acoustic Brainwave Activation will
change your brainwave activity, mood
or state safely, consistently and
effectively. You will achieve peace,
relaxation, enlightenment, personal
enhancement and much much more.

Brainwave Entrainment

Meditation Power proudly presents HypnoGuide Treatments®- brainwave reprogramming treatments. The most advanced isochronic treatments available today! We offer 11 different HypnoGuide recordings and over 40 different Activation Acoustics, designed to stimulate and effect the human consciousness, personal success, positive self image, motivation, attitudes, habits and behaviours and to enhance performance, positiv emotional states, improved health and well-being. All recordings are 40-65 minutes long. Read more here...

We have pushed the boundaries of innovation and created state-of-the-art Isochronics tones in order to maximize Brainwave Entrainment! Increase your brain capacity from its present stagnant position at 10% to much, much higher levels. Isochronic tones is the most powerful type of brainwave entrainment, utilizing equal intensity tones, increasing the pulse speed, and synchronizing your brain with the rhythm. Our isochronics uses a distinct and clean wave, created to harmonize with the brain much more efficiently. We combine the latest isochronics technology in order to maximize the brainwave entrainment. Read more here...

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Quite a lot of people are captivated by the mysteries that surround astral projection but don't know much about it. Read on to understand everything there is to know about astral projection. Astral projection is a concept that has been captivating the attention of thousands of people. People often wonder what it would be like to be outside the body and view the world from a different angle. The guide here would provide you some great information on what really happens when you have succeeded in getting out of the body. Read more here...

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Why you should try this!

Are you tired of meditation tapes and downloads that promise the earth and deliver very little?

Have you tried binaurals, monaurals, hypnosis, subliminals and still find that you don't achieve the consistency or depth of meditation that you desire?

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  • Altered States of Consciousness in 8 minutes or less

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  • No subliminal suggestions; no distracting music

  • No meditational experience required...the acoustics will do everything for you

  • Absolutely 100% safe to use