Astral Projection - Simple Techniques

Astral projection can seem to be a very odd experience at first for those who are just beginning because the idea of being away from your body might be intimidating and a little scary. However, there isn't anything to be scared about since this experience is about going beyond the physical body as you project your consciousness and taking control of the body and consciousness that already resides there. This unique world is quite real and all illusions can be easily fulfilled. Before starting on the projection, the thoughts in your mind are quite important. Even your intention and willingness to project should be absolute. If you have been trying to project on your own without any success, then the techniques that have been discussed here would be helpful. Learn more about our Brainwave Entrainment products here!

Hammock technique
In this astral projection technique, you would have to visualize yourself in a white hammock on a quiet beach between two trees. Just imagine the feeling that you experience when you are swaying with the wind and try to recreate the same feeling right now as you visualize swaying in that hammock. Continue with this visualization for as much time as you would need to bring out the vibrations and when you feel those vibrations, you would just need to roll out from it outside your body.

Relax your body completely for this astral projection technique. Once you are relaxed, you can then concentrate on any point in the space that is in front and imagine that you are moving towards that point with your entire body. Move the point all around yourself and imagine the movement. You would begin moving out when that imagined point is directly in front of you. At times, you might also move out while the point might be somewhere else. If you feel the movement, then you should stop moving the point and just hold it at that place while you continue to move towards it.

For this astral projection technique, lie down in bed and stretch your body. Close your eyes and then try to see that blackness as a room which has been painted black. Once you continue to stare at it, it would begin showing a few details about walls of the room and a light would appear. Try to float up at this point. If you feel a ticklish or a sinking sensation, just hold on to it and continue to move upwards.

Try this technique before you go to bed. It is a simple way to use the chakras to raise the energy levels. First visualize one chakra at a time and then all of them are connected with energy. Try to repeatedly visualize yourself leaving the body before you sleep.

Robert Peterson technique
Keep your eyes closed when you are lying down and relax. Visualize that you are separated from your body and you are just lying inside a shell that is the body. Feel the vibration in the physical body and the astral body would be vibrating as well. Imagine that you can feel and hear the vibrations through the astral body. Imagine that the vibrations in your astral body are increasing slowly and are getting higher. As the pace gets faster, the resonance would also get stronger.

Allow your eyes to be closed for this astral projection technique and lie down. Imagine that there is double of your own body that is floating above you at around 5 feet distance. Think that is parallel and stable to you. Once the visualization is very clear, transfer your consciousness to the double. Picture what it would be like to be the double and look at everything from the height, including the bed and your body on it. Try to maintain that visualization for as much as you can since it would try to get back in your body.

One of the most effective techniques is to keep the mind still. You cannot really expect anything to happen if you cannot wait to experience or see it. Allow your mind to be cleared of all thoughts and let it be still. It is your spirit that would know what has to be achieved so allow it to naturally happen. If you are regular with your meditation practice, then you would be able to achieve results for astral projection quite quickly.

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