binaural beats

binaural beats
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Binaural Beats

Finally - this is a real breakthrough
in altered state technology!

Binaural beats have become very
popular in the recent times because of
their immense power and their ability
to provide results in short time period.

Read more about how to use these
acoustics, achieve real altered states of
consciousness TODAY!

Brainwave Entrainment

We have developed over 40 different Activation Acoustics. You can find out more about them by clicking on our different acoustic products to the left.
All of our Acoustic Brainwave Activation products are at least 40 minutes long.

Before you start using binaural beats, you would first have to understand how it works. The ears of a human being can perceive sounds that are above 1000 hertz and this beat can be achieved with a variation of around 30 hertz for the desired effect. Binaural Beats If there is higher variation, our ears would not be able to perceive the beat and will only hear two different tones. This is an interesting phenomenon which affects the patterns of our brain waves and it can induce different mental states. There is a noted reduction in stress and our mental activity when these beats are used. Relaxation can be easily achieved with the help of binaural beats.

Binaural beats are actually a type of brainwave entrainment method. This is a technology where the brain is exposed to the sound of a particular frequency. Frequency following response is a natural phenomenon where the brain would try to match that frequency. Brainwaves of different frequencies are known to create different consciousness states, so this is a good way of tapping into these states with much ease. These beats have been studied well and are used by people for various reasons. All of our binaural beats are very powerful recordings!

Our mind normally operates in the beta mode. However, it would shift to alpha when we meditate. This is the state where the body and mind will relax. It could take years achive this stage, but with the help of this technology, you can achieve it TODAY! You can easily reach the theta state. In this state, the meditation will be deeper and a more relaxation and peaceful mind state can take place. Deep relaxation has many advantages, and now you can enjoy those benefits with the help of binaural beats.

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