Everything you need to know about Astral Projection

Astral projection is a concept that has been captivating the attention of thousands of people. People often wonder what it would be like to be outside the body and view the world from a different angle. The guide here would provide you some great information on what really happens when you have succeeded in getting out of the body.

How does it all begin?
Those who are new to astral projection would know that they would be in absolute shock when it actually happens. You would be absolutely shocked when you see yourself apart from your own body. Most people would hurry back and jump inside the physical body on their first attempt. While the experts would always suggest that you stay calm, it is actually quite difficult to do that. The time when you are just about to separate from your body and project, you would vibrate and might hear a few strange sounds like hissing, cracking, popping, buzzing and voices. Some of them even hear sounds like screams and yells which can be unpleasant. However, you should ignore them since these are just normal symptoms and if you do get scared, you would not be able to accomplish what you want.

Experiences once you project out of the body
Once you succeed in astral projection and are out of your body, try to move away from your physical self. This is only because the body would be like a magnet and it would try to attract you back to it. You could also suffer from something known as astral blindness by staying too close to your body. You could hear sounds like music or radios. This would be the time for you to feel curiosity about the existence planes and learning about the things that you can go to.

The various planes
There are several planes that can be explored with astral projection. The highest existence level is Buddhic Plane and words cannot really describe. This is too high for most people to reach. Even the Mental Plane is higher for most people but it allows the continuous flow of various creative thoughts. Heaven or Higher Astral Plane is also a plane that most projectors cannot reach. Quite like earth is Middle Astral where there are quite a lot of centers and universities for learning and it is a good place to forgive, reconcile and learn. You would be able to travel easily in this plane and learn lessons that are invaluable. Closer still is the Lower Astral where dead beings that are attached to the worldly possessions exist. The world where we live in is Physical Plane.

It is a unique experience to be able to lift yourself outside of your body and experience the world that is unknown to us. There are quite a lot of experts that can help and many guides from which can learn. It is important to pay attention to these guides and learn as much as possible before you try astral projection. astral projection products.

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