These are but a few of all the testimonials we have gathered over the years.

HypnoGuide Treatments are much more powerful than I thought. "Personal Confidence" and "Motivation for Success" are comfortable to listen many times. They replace my recent anxiety, doubts, stress, negative thoughts etc. with confidence, peace of mind, expectations, positive thinkings etc. since their first using. "Weight Loss Acceleration" this is just today I began using and my appetite is already fallen off without any health problem or stress. I feel also my body lighter. Naoko M, Japan

These products are absolutely awesome. I have tried astral, deep meditation and shaman so far. I intent to try a lot more real soon. Kevin S, Texas

Very pleased that I didn't need headphones for this. Works very well. A lot more consistent than other stuff I have tried. Mark D, UK

Managed to project very easily. Nice track length. DL, Canada

The chakra acoustics are very energizing. Nice that you can listen to it anywhere and not mess about with headphones. Diane P Australia

Really helped with stress and anxiety. I am able to deal with things a lot better now. Angie Carr, USA

Simple and effective. Really easy to use. Good value. Dominic, VA

I have bought quite a few of these now. I am pretty amazed. I like the alpha and theta ones and definitely legal high - a nice buzz ! Serotonin has helped with me feeling down too. MR, England

I got these on recommendation. I am glad. They are well good. Really helped my insomnia straight away. Fell asleep really easy. Chakra nice. BL, UK

I used the speed learner for my exams. It really helped me to concentrate and study for longer. It seemed to help me remember things a lot better. Julie C, CA

Thank you - these downloads are so easy to use. I transfered them to my mp3 player and they work great. The shaman and the delta meditation are the best. Mike K , FL, USA

I prefer this format. It is better for me. Very good for stress and depression. I use them last thing and get relaxed. It gives me a very good night. DS, India

Amazing psychic acoustic. I would not have believed it possible but I can clearly hear voices. KG, Australia

Greetings ! Just wanted to say how pleased I am with these recordings. They do work straight away like your website says. I am looking forward to getting more next month. Angus F, UK

The attention deficit program has really helped my son. Janis B, KA

Easiest brainwave programs I have ever used. Psychic, Clairvoyance, Astral, OOBE, HGH, Chakra all excellent. I wanted to make a special comment about the endorphin program. It really has helped with all my cravings. HY, Canada

I like the astral and the oobe. The imagery is intense. JMC, SA

I tried the past life regression download. It's great that you don't need an induction script or headphones. I have found them very off puting. This download has worked well. Cathy Burgess, Cornwall