Use your brain constructively
Scientific research maintains that the brain is divided into three large main sections. The forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. The forebrain thinks, the midbrain feels and the hindbrain regulates bodily functions i.e. pulse, blood pressure, respiration etc. The brain sends out five different types of signals. When a particular type of brainwave is dominant, then you are said to be in that state of conciousness.

Sound waves convey messages
Scientific research proved several decades ago that specific frequencies affect the brain more than others. These sound waves create and affect the electrical activity in the brain and the effects can be observed both with EEG instruments as well as peoples own subjective experiences. Among the leading scientific institutions that conduct research into sound waves is th Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA. The research includes how audio and combinations of tones create various different everyday conditions such as meditation, concentration, sleep, etc.

Gamma +40Hz

The Gamma Brainwave range is able to properly combine or "bind" your senses and memory together for one ultimate experience. This is why on a memorable night you'll often remember the music that was playing, the aroma of the atmosphere, what you saw, the foods you ate, etc. The Gamma Brain Wave state is an incredibly focused one and allows us to get the richest possible sensory experience as a result of our external world.

Gamma Brain Waves have also been linked with the ability to process large amounts of information in relatively small amounts of time. Think of having more Gamma Activity as getting a processor upgrade for your brain. People without much Gamma activity literally cannot imagine what they are missing out on – unless they have experienced Gamma activity before.

* Manifestation

* Binding Perception

* Higher conciousness

* Inspiration

* Cognition


Beta 13-40Hz

Beta brainwaves are characteristic of an engaged mind, which is highly alert and well focused.

Beta activity is quick-connect, fast activity and tends to dominate the normal waking state of consciousness when-attention is directed towards the outside world.

Typically detected in the frontal lobes (where decisions are managed), Beta is usually seen on both sides of the brain in geometric distribution. It may be absent or reduced in areas of brain damage. It is generally regarded as a normal rhythm and tends to be the dominant rhythm in those who are alert, anxious or have their eyes open.

* Awake

* Attention

* Concentration

* Analytical thinking

* ADD/ADHD therapy

* Focus

Alpha 8-12Hz

The alpha brainwave is produced when your body calms down and your mind is completely relaxed. Your brain's thinking is slower, your mind is clear and you may even feel slightly drowsy. Your body has zero stress, tension, anxiety, or other feelings of being nervous. Increasing your alpha brain wave activity is a profound way to reduce your stress. As an early teen or child, you likely had a dominant alpha brainwave pattern. Increasing your alpha brain waves automatically leads to decreasing your fears, tension, stress, nerves, and anxiety. All of our alpha products will do a nice job at increasing your alpha brain wave activity.

* Relaxation

* Right hemisphere thinking

* Creativity

* Meditation

* Creativ Visualisation

* Mental imagery

* Problem solving



Theta 4-8Hz

If you are able to recall how relaxed and carefree you were as a child, then you are able to remember what it felt like to access your Theta Brain Waves. Accessing your Theta Brain Waves means having a deeper emotional connection with yourself. Children are able to say what's on their mind and not be fearful of trying something new; this is the Theta Brainwave State. Our Theta products allow you to tap into your Theta Brain Waves quickly and experience a deeper connection with your subconscious. You can develop and increase a spiritual connection and experience deeper levels of both physical and mental relaxation.

* Behavioural change

* Deep meditation

* Accelerated learning

* Memory improvement

* Resolve fear and phobias

* Substance abuse

* Trauma therapy

* Lucid dreams


Delta 0.2-4Hz

Typically, Delta Brain Waves are most commonly documented in E.E.G. brain activity while a person is asleep. However, other individuals like: babies, very young children, monks/advanced meditators, people who have had Near-Death-Experiences, people suffering from brain damage, and people with brain damage have also been known to have higher than average amounts of Delta Brain Waves. Cultivating brainwave flexibility by learning how to access other brainwave states of awareness like Delta is very enjoyable. There are many benefits and new experiences that can be had by experiencing an altered state of consciousness. If you would like to experience Delta Brain Waves, I suggest that you try some of our delta products.

* Deep relaxaion avslappning

* Physical healing

* Surgical recovery

* Sleeping disorders

* Dreamless sleep