Motivation for Success

Includes 3 different tracks – Total length 62 Minutes

A program completely dedicated to triggering peoples latent abilities and talents! Motivation is the key to become more successful life. Whether you want to be successful in sports, business or life in general, motivation is everything. Self-confidence is the single most important resource you can draw upon to beat the competition, and exceed beyond your expectations. When you feel self-assured, you are poised for victory. People gravitate toward you and support you in reaching your goals, because a winning attitude radiates charisma.

Develop a successful attitude
Boost self-confidence
Increase charisma and feel great
Achieve your goals with greater ease

Acoustics type: Isochronic Tone
Brainwave frequency: THETA & GAMMA

Sample from track nr 2 – Motivation for Success with Verbal Hypnotic Induction, Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones – 1:30 min


$14.95 $9.95

Use this program to pump up motivation and self-confidence. Unleash a powerful energy that will help you achieve any goal you set for yourself. We use Theta and Gamma waves to induce states of deep relaxation; here your subconscious mind is most receptive to change. Theta has been identified as the ideal state for learning, and unlearning. As you listen daily, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in motivation and self-confidence. Debilitating doubts will be replaced with positive thoughts and feelings. You’ll feel ready to tackle any challenge.

This treatment will send beneficial messages into your mind to increase your motivation, and to keep it consistent. It works by changing your patterns of thinking, attitudes, and physical habits on a subconscious level. Gradually it turns you into the sort of “naturally motivated and successful” person that you currently envy – the sort of person who just gets things done and is always focused and motivated. With this HypnoGuide Treatment you will achieve, success, and triumph!

HypnoGuide Acoustics are the simplest and most affordable way to directly influence your inner potential and release the power of your subconscious mind! HypnoGuide Acoustics are also much more advanced than ordinary hypnosis or meditation CD´s being offered today. Nowhere else can you find recordings this long at this low price!

This product includes 4 different tracks:

Track 1 02:18 min Meditation Power Verbal Introduction
Track 2 30:00 min Meditation Music and Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 30:00 min Meditation Music without Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 has a no-verbal hypnotic induction – suitable for those who do not want to listen to to the verbal hypnotic induction on track 2.