Overcome Sugar Addiction

Includes 3 different tracks – Total length 62 Minutes

Do you use sugar as a comfort or reward? When and how did you learn to do that? Could your addiction be the result of bygone times when you were either given or denied sweets depending on whether you were good, bad, happy, sad etc?

Enhancing your own inner potentials
Reduces physical cravings through altered state of consciousness
Increase confidence and motivation

Acoustics type: Isochronic Tone
Brainwave frequency: THETA

Sample from track nr 2 – Overcome Sugar Addiction with Verbal Hypnotic Induction, Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones – 1:30 min


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Addictions are the result of subconscious processes that influence your actions and habits. This program is intended to help you break your sugar addiction in a positive way that rules out feelings of “punishment” or “guilt”. The program is also intended to reduce abstinence and/ or the need to replace your old habit with a new one. It is not necessary to totally refrain from sweet things in life. You merely desire to drastically reduce your sugar consumption and gain a healthy attitude towards sugar and artificial sweeteners.

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This product includes 4 different tracks:

Track 1 02:18 min Meditation Power Verbal Introduction
Track 2 30:00 min Meditation Music and Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 30:00 min Meditation Music without Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 has a no-verbal hypnotic induction – suitable for those who do not want to listen to to the verbal hypnotic induction on track 2.