Quit Smoking and Nicotine

Includes 3 different tracks – Total length 62 Minutes

If you have come so far that you purchase this product for yourself, then you have already done most of the work in breaking your smoking or nicotine habit. So give yourself the edge against nicotine addiction, and release the true Will Power of your brain.

Enhancing your own inner potentials
Reduces physical cravings through altered state of consciousness
Increase confidence and motivation

Acoustics type: Isochronic Tone
Brainwave frequency: THETA

Sample from track nr 2 – Quit Smoking and Nicotine with Verbal Hypnotic Induction, Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones – 1:30 min


$14.95 $9.95

This program will help you on your chosen path and reduce/ remove feelings of abstinence and/ or the need to replace your negative habit with a new negative habit. It is not neccesary for you to avoid tea, coffee, wine, etc. for risk of relapsing back to nicotine. You can continue on safely with your other everyday pleasures.

In order to get rid of bad habits and addictions, the subconscious mind has to be reprogrammed. The subconscious mind controls 90% of what we do and think every day. The subconscious mind gives the directions to the conscious mind. If we are going to get rid of addictions, changes have to be made in the beliefs and convictions of the subconscious.

If you have been wrestling with some undesirable additions and habits, then this HypnoGuide Treatment is absolutely essential in order to win the battle against nicotine. The treatment will enable you to rebuild your subconscious mind into a positive force and give you the strength and will power to defeat your smoking addiction.

HypnoGuide Acoustics are the simplest and most affordable way to directly influence your inner potential and release the power of your subconscious mind! HypnoGuide Acoustics are also much more advanced than ordinary hypnosis or meditation CD´s being offered today. Nowhere else can you find recordings this long at this low price!

This product includes 4 different tracks:

Track 1 02:18 min Meditation Power Verbal Introduction
Track 2 30:00 min Meditation Music and Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 30:00 min Meditation Music without Verbal Hypnotic Induction
Theta Waves using Isochronic Tones.
Track 3 has a no-verbal hypnotic induction – suitable for those who do not want to listen to to the verbal hypnotic induction on track 2.